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WODaholics Apparel

We are proud to serve the fitness community with the highest quality goods.

We specialize in CrossFit, Race, & Fitness attire. We provide noting but the very best. All products are designed to serve. We want our athletes to be comfortable before and after every workout. 

Our focus is to create rad designs and print them on high quality apparel. We are committed to provide environmentally safe printing on the highest end materials and cuts. We are always looking for creative ways to introduce the world to the idea that fitness itself is a sport. 

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WODaholics Focus

Our gear is fueled by our values to provide Quality, Creativity, & Awesomeness. Our gear is hand-designed by the owners personally. We run our own show and take pride in being involved with our customers. Giving them a top end product with meaning behind it. 

We want our customers to be able to wear our clothing knowing that they not only have a cool quality piece of apparel, but that they're also part of a smaller unique community of core fitness enthusiasts. 

Who we work with

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