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We believe through sport, events, and apparel marketing we can help promote healthier lives, healthier businesses, and healthier communities. We strive to deliver high quality events and a high quality business return for our sponsors while achieving the goals of our charities, clients, and participants.


Our mission is to be the very best full-service fitness consultancy. We have the tools, materials, and most importantly the experience to fully implement fitness events anywhere on plant earth.



We are an enthusiastic, professional team with strong ethical convictions that create realistic expectations, delivering first-class results. Everyone on our staff is an athlete, coach, motivator, and go-getter. 

We operate on the principles of living healthy. We enjoy particiapating, creating, and opperating events that promote a healthier lifestyle. 


We have strong professional relationships with clients, sponsors, partners, and associates both locally and nationally. Based on the following values:

  • Professionalism ~ Setting the highest possible standards

  • Reliability ~ Providing a conscientious and timely service

  • Creativity ~ Innovative implementation of your projects

  • Integrity ~ Honest and ethical business practice